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Tempest Technology News archive:
Tempest Technology Logo Tempest Techology Icon 8th April 2020

'Tempest Technology' website upgraded.

The original website of Tempest Technology was written in 2015, and was simple and functional, but very ordinary and uninspiring.

Over the last week or so, this site has been overhauled, 'cleaned up', and updated. There is some new content, but the main intention has been to improve the visual appeal, and to modernise the appearance of the website.

Scots Dumpy Logo Tempest Techology Icon 4th February 2020

'The Scots Dumpy Club' website goes live.

Latest website: the 'Scots Dumpy Club' is completed.

'The Scots Dumpy Club' is a club for breeders and keepers of the 'Scots Dumpy' breed of chicken, together with all 'Chicken Fanciers', who may want to learn about this appealing little bird..

DPGS Logo Tempest Techology Icon 24th June 2019

Completion of the website of the 'Devonshire Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter' No.3924.

DPGS Chapter 3924 website goes live. This Chapter was formed with the aim of exalting Stewards from other Orders into the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch.

One of it's functions is to assist other Chapters within the Province of Devonshire with their ritual.

Welsummer Logo Tempest Techology Icon 6th August 2018

'The Welsummer Club' website goes live: the Welsummer is a breed of chicken.

Latest website: the Welsummer Club goes live

This site is for members of the Welsummer Club, and all breeders and keepers of this very impressive breed of chicken, and other people interested in poultry in general.

Dartmoor Lodge Logo Tempest Techology Icon 12th October 2016

Website of 'The Dartmoor Lodge' No.4604 improved and upgraded.

One of our websites, 'The Dartmoor Lodge' website, has been improved and upgraded.

'The Dartmoor Lodge' website has been substantially improved: three pages have been removed with their content now displayed on the other paages, including two new ones.

The code has been streamlined and "cleaned up": resizing on different screens, including tablets and 'phones, is improved.

St.George RAM 383 Logo Tempest Techology Icon 24th March 2016

Website of the 'St.George Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners' No.383 completed.

'The St.George Royal Ark Mariner Lodge' goes live! The layout is also based loosely on that of 'The Dartmoor Lodge' website.

This is the first Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in the UK to have a website. It is probably also the first R.A.M. Lodge to have Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Manadon Mark Logo Tempest Techology Icon 29th February 2016

Website of the 'The Manadon Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1076' completed.

The website of the 'Manadon Mark Lodge No.1076' goes live! The layout is similiar to that of 'The Dartmoor Lodge' and 'The St.Aubyn Chapter'.

This is the first Mark Lodge in the West Country to have a website.

Tempest Techology Icon Tempest Techology Icon 12th July 2015

This (Tempest Techology) website created.

This website, hopefully advertising and promoting 'Tempest Technology' goes Live.

The site is fairly basic but shows all necessary information.

St. Aubyn logo Tempest Techology Icon 23rd June 2015

The 'Holy Royal Arch Chapter of St.Aubyn No.954' now has a website.

This is the second website developed by Tempest Technology to go live. St.Aubyn is the first H.R.A. Chapter in the West Country to have a website!. The layout is based loosely on that of The Dartmoor Lodge.

Quite a bit of information about the Holy Royal Arch is available on this site.

Dartmoor Lodge Logo Tempest Techology Icon 29th February 2015

First website developed by Tempest Technology.

'The Dartmoor Lodge No.4604' has a website, and joins the Digital Age. (This first website has been continually developed and extended over the years)

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