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Tempest Technology services include:
Tempest Techology Icon Websites designed & developed, including related databases & software!
Tempest Techology Icon Associated social media pages designed, implemented & maintained!
Tempest Techology Icon Domains and web hosting organized and maintained!
Tempest Techology Icon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built into all Websites!
Tempest Techology Icon Forget the problems and worry of managing your website:
If you wish, Tempest Technology can manage the website for you, so YOU can get on with managing YOUR business!
Tempest Techology Icon For all requirements relating to custom web design and development,
and ongoing website management / organization, please contact us.
Tempest Techology Icon Tempest Technology is located in South Devon, in close proximity to
Plymouth, Exeter, and Torbay (ie Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham).
As well as supplying Website Design and Development in Devon and South West England, we will happily take on Web Design and Development ANYWHERE.
See our Portfolio page for details of websites designed and developed by Tempest Technology

Simple Web-Page,   Complex Inter-active Web-Site,   or  ANYTHING in-between ?
Everything related to Website Design and Development
Tempest Technology can help you!

About Tempest Technology

I (Peter Tempest), have worked in Information Technology for the last 40 years, mostly in Software Development, after initially working as an accountant for about 15 years. The accountancy knowledge and experience I had gained during this period, has subsequently proved invaluable when designing and developing a wide range of business software systems during my long and varied career in IT software development.

Over the many years that I have worked in Software Development, I have worked in many different companies on many different projects. I have worked with different technologies and languages, designing and developing business software of all sorts, including front-end user-interfaces, back end functionality and business logic, calculations etc., creating / designing / configuring databases and developing database procedures etc. together with any / all necessary documentation, in fact all aspects of designing and developing a wide range of software

Companies worked for include:
ICL (Internaltional Computers Ltd, which used to be the biggest Computer Co. in the UK), and which is now part of Fujitsu.
As well as working directly for ICL I worked on ICL's behalf for:
M O D A & S Police southern electric ICL Southern Electric
Avon & Somerset Police
Ministry of Defence
Post Office
I have also worked on projects for:
Post Office NatWest NatWest Bank
Bass Taverns
Unison (trade union)
Dell Mobifon / Connex GSM (Romanian Mobile Phone Network)
IBM / NTL (now Virgin)
Unison Veridata (in Stockholm): writing software for the Kuwaiti government
Dell Computers
eSure NFU IBM eSure Insurance
NFU Mutual
Bank of Ireland
and many other companies (though no less important) not so well known to the general public.

For many of the above companies, I worked several times, on different projects, .

My Job Titles (working specifically in IT) have included:
Analyst-Programmer (most common title, although my duties were often extended/increased)
Analyst-Programmer/Team Leader
Software Developer (with my duties often extended/increased)
Software Engineer
Analyst/Team Leader
Designer-Programmer (with my duties often extended/increased)
Designer-Developer (with my duties often extended/increased)
Project Manager/Analyst-Programmer
Systems Analyst
Implementation Analyst
Project Control Officer
Data Conversion Analyst
Website Designer/Developer

In IT (mostly software development), I have worked as a member of large teams, and at the other extreme, several times as a one-man project: providing analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, user-training and user support, together with producing all necessary documentation and plans.

I have worked all over England, together with Dublin, Stockholm, Kuwait, Boston in Massachusetts, and Bucharest.

With a wealth of experience, I am now semi-retired, and as "Tempest Technology" work mostly on designing and developing websites.

As well as a range of technical skills and experience, including management experience, I would always try and bring professionalism, integrity, reliability, and confidentiality (I had MOD Security Clearance and regularly handled secret and sensitive data on a daily basis while working for the MOD) to any project or company with which I am involved.

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